The Farmhouse

Purple Workbench retreats are held at Cobblestone farm, conveniently located just over an hour's drive east of Toronto, and an easy ViaRail trip if you are a fan of the train. The farmhouse exudes charm and tranquility throughout the property. The main entrance displays a colourful garden complete with rustic weathervane, and a cozy, covered porch with a white victorian screen door. 


Your first evening will likely be spent by the  fireplace in the family room. This room has the most comfortable couches imaginable. They hug you when you sit down. You have trouble leaving the embrace. Past retreaters have been known to fall asleep on these couches.

Overnight accommodations are in the upper level of the original part of the farmhouse. The hallway and staircase have the perfect amount of creaky floorboards. A beautiful, vintage rocking-horse resides at the top of the stairs. 

There are two private rooms available. Both are bright and cozy. (*edit 2019: The tiny twin bed is now a double bed!)

Private room with single bed
private room with double bed

I prefer the spacious shared room furnished with double-mattress bunk beds. It's airy and grand, with a view of the stables and back hills. If shared sleeping space isn't your thing, sign up early and grab one of the private rooms. It's first come first serve! (** Update: the owner has added a dividing wall and pocket door in the bunkbed room. Each room now has one bunkbed.)

Shared bedroom

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house, as with most old farmhouses, it is smack in the middle of the house so you will see plenty of cooking chaos. The owner renovated the kitchen in 2018 and it is a gorgeous open space with seating at the island.


Project space in the farmhouse is plentiful. The dining room is a generous 14-person table that provides plenty of room for sewing machines and cutting mats. The living room across the hall has been used for ironing boards, additional sewing space, laptop work, and floor projects -- because we all know how often we end up on the floor to perfect our works of art.

The outdoor space is also really great. Take your painting, woodworking, or scrapbooking projects outside! There is shady porch space, spacious front deck furniture, back patio space, and be serenaded by the many birds. 

You can see the horses grazing up the hill and chatting away in the stables. If the timing is right, you can get a closer look during feeding time. The majestic creatures add so much warmth and authenticity to this farmhouse experience. 

It would be an absolute pleasure to host you at the inspiring Cobblestone Farmhouse