I'll bake the cake tomorrow.

Passion is a funny thing.

I like to think that I'm a passionate person. Most things I do, I take to heart and then go for gold.

Some days you run out of steam. Life throws you hurdles and you spend extra energy leaping over them. And then, you start to graze the top of those hurdles, and then eventually you just give up and break the rules and push them over entirely just so they're out of your way. But at least you're still making it to the finish line. We'll worry about the DQ later. (Mmmm. DQ.)

That's what passion does to a person. You just keep going for what you love.

I started breaking the rules around September. I landed myself in the hospital in August (I'm fine now, and will save that story for another day.) and then felt like I just couldn't get myself up to speed.

My Farmhouse Retreat was fast approaching and I started pushing the hurtles over. Dishes? Bah! A meal plan with well balanced meals? Double bah! Laundry? Well, I haven't done that in months anyway.

I hobbled to the finish line and completed my first Purple Workbench event at the Farmhouse.

It has been over a week since the event ended and I am only now picking myself up to say hi. And thank you, to all the people that supported me in the event: everyone that talked to me about it (what? you read my blog?! You follow me on twitter? You liked the Purple Workbench Facebook page?!), the truly inspirational ladies who attended the retreat (like this one, this one, and this one, just to name a few), and to the owner of Cobblestone Farm who could not have been more welcoming a host.

But the person that really had to pick the hurdles up, glue the pieces back together, and talk to the ref about keeping me in the race, was my darling husband of 6 years today: Happy Anniversary. Even though neither one of us remembered until 9am when we were 3 hours into our day.

That's what passion does to a person. You keep going for the one you love.

And you bake him his favourite cake. Tomorrow.