September retreat menu

I've been told that some people attend my retreats for the food. Sure, the farmhouse is gorgeous; working on creative projects is amazing; getting away from the kids is healthy. But the food is really divine. 

If you're waiting to sign up because you're curious about the menu, I've got my first draft hammered out on the chalkboard. 

September is a great time for Ontario produce.

Waffle breakfast will have plenty of berries, stone fruits, apples and pears.

There are so many options for quiches I'll probably make them mini so you can pick a bunch: rapini, zucchini, tomato, leek, eggplant, mushroom? Who knows what I'll end up making. What's certain is that an apple and beet salad will accompany the quiche.

One of my favourite ways to make risotto is with tomatoes straight from my garden. Top it with your choice of roasted chicken, barbecued sausage, or grilled eggplant.

Sunday morning promises a spread of breakfast pastries with homemade preserves and delicious Devon clotted cream. 

Are you excited?? Make this weekend about whatever you want. Rest assured you will be well fed.

Lots of spots left for the retreat. Sign up here!