Citrus compote with yogurt and granola


I loved the winter retreat. We had our usual flock of sewing machines whirring away in the dining room, some crafting and knitting in front of several Avengers movies, wine and macarons by the fire. My next retreat will be early June and I already know I’m going to do the macarons again. Practice makes perfect. Especially when you need a mountain of them.

After my last retreat in the Fall, I was able to write up a quick post to document all the inspiration I had used for the meals I cooked. It was a great list and I’ve received wonderful feedback about the links. So I sat down to do the same for this retreat — but it turns out I decided to wing it and followed zero recipes that I can link you to for inspiration!

The ramen is assembled with fabulous ingredients from Mama Earth Organics, the macarons were a mishmash of blog posts I read (although you can find a post about that here), the breakfast tostadas are just eggs and salsa on a crispy fried tortilla (that I happened to buy pre-fried cuz nobody has time to perfectly fry a corn tortilla and clean up the mess), the dumplings and kimchi fried rice follow more of a method than a recipe, and the braised beef on polenta is my own dump-amazing-ingredients-in-the-pressure-cooker method that I have yet to make the same way twice. Even my cheesecake doesn’t really follow a recipe so much as a ratio of eggs to sugar to cream cheese.

Hold it!

Breakfast! I have a recipe for breakfast! Hurray. I can now change my blog post from “no recipes for you” to “Citrus compote with yogurt and granola”! I think I even have a picture or two.


(Don’t you guys love it when I just sit at my computer and type and type away without a real plan for things? it’s the only way these posts happen. I make up my mind to just start typing.)

Sunday morning breakfast at my retreats are often a lighter, easier meal. I minimize the dishes required so I can focus on my guests before they pack up and leave. This citrus compote was made on Saturday night so the flavours had time to develop, and then I served it with my favourite granola (by Ste Anne’s Bakery) and some thick greek yogurt.

Here is the original recipe from

In short: (because that’s what I do; I learn a recipe and then simplify to something I can remember)

  1. Supreme some beautiful citrus fruit

  2. Squeeze all the juice into a saucepan, add some honey, ginger, and a cardamom pod and simmer for a few minutes.

  3. Remove the ginger and cardamom pod and pour the juice over the citrus fruit and let sit in the fridge overnight. Enjoy over yogurt and granola.

It’s pretty. It’s delicious. And it’s so simple. Especially when you used mostly grapefruit, like I did, cuz they’re the easiest of the citrus fruit to supreme because they’ve got nice big segments.


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