Alexandria Peg Trousers

Thankful for my 5-year old who is willing to help me with pictures. How else do you take pictures of pants?!

Thankful for my 5-year old who is willing to help me with pictures. How else do you take pictures of pants?!

I leave for Australia in 5 days! Eek! I used this trip to set some ambitious sewing goals. These chambray rayon Alexandria Peg Trousers were first to be checked off the list and I've already worn them to work thrice. [Mom: that means three times. It's a real word.]

This is my second pair of Alexandria Peg trousers and they are made with Robert Kaufman chambray rayon. The chambray refers to the dual tone weave, and rayon is a semi synthetic material made from wood pulp. It's soft and breathable: perfect for the coming warmer months. As opposed to the cotton+steel rayon, Robert decided to give us a full 54" width fabric, handy for grown up sized clothes so I can make these pants with just over a metre of fabric. 

When I first saw Karyn's Instagram picture of these pants, I knew they were for me. Pockets, pleats, elastic waist. Sold. 

I have problems with patterns that involve my waist measurement. When I teach sewing lessons, I do a run through of reading a commercial pattern and talk about how to pick the right size. As an example, I have my own measurements circled and it's always something like "size 2 bust, size 10 waist, size 2 hip". I'm like Mr. Smee from Peter Pan. There are various pattern adjustments you can do for a wider waist, but I generally try to pick loose shirts, dresses, or skirts that avoid needing a strict waist measurement. With exception to pjs and sweatpants that I sewed in abundance in high school, I have avoided pant patterns. Until now. 

This is my first foray into Named Patterns, the brand with a beautiful box and good, sturdy pattern paper that is so easy to trace.

The most complicated part is adding the pleats with the curved pockets --  which isn't too bad if you are good at reading instructions. The rest of the pants sew up quickly: flashback to high school pj pants.

Come to think of it, These are essentially fancy pyjama pants. There is even a drawstring option if you aren't planning to fake it at the office. I opted for just the elastic. Rather than grading the pattern for a size 10 waist and a size 2 hip, I just made a size two and left the elastic longer. This leaves less gathering at the waistband, but I'm okay with that since I'm trying to get away with a slightly more formal look for work. I wear them with nude heels at the office. It totally works.