5 ways to love the fall

One month until the Purple Workbench fall retreat!

There are still spots available and I thought I'd do a "top 5" summary in case you're wondering why the fall retreat is my favourite.

1. Case of the September blues.

I always feel like September is the month-version of Monday. Much like when you have a case of the Mondays after a lovely weekend, the month of September always seems like you're struggling to transition back to real-life following the summer months. 

I think an uninterrupted weekend devoted to creative projects is the perfect remedy. You can spend the entire month of September looking forward to the retreat. 

2. Ontario harvest.

The end of September boasts an abundance of local produce. Corn still tastes delish, the tomatoes are bursting with flavour, the ubiquitous apple shows up in salads, desserts, drinks, snacks. The fall menu contains the most local dishes of all the retreats; most ingredients sourced from nearby farms.

3. Rural Ontario foliage.

Autumn leaves are crazy pretty no matter where you are in Ontario. But when you're out in the country surrounded by trees, farmland, and horses, it's breathtakingly pretty. 

4. Crisp mornings, cool nights.

That fog! I still remember the first morning I woke up at the farmhouse. Creepy gorgeous. And the cool nights mean we can get the firepit going.

5. Fall wardrobe.

Come September, I'm happy to toss the tank tops and sandals to the back of the closest. There's just something extra comforting to know that you can lounge around in an oversized sweater and striped tube socks without getting hot and sticky. If you venture outside to visit the horses, you can even show off your latest circle scarf or beanie: brighten up their long faces.