Too Cool For School (Days Jacket)

After my fairly good experience with the Seashore Dress, I decided to try another Oliver + S pattern.

The instructions are so clear, and I really love the variety in patterns they offer.

Lily was in need of a spring jacket. Her parka was finally becoming a little too warm, and her rain jacket didn't provide any warmth.

Oliver + S has half a dozen jacket patterns alone. I definitely loved the look of the School Days Jacket the most, and there are plenty of wonderful examples of this jacket online. One of my favourites is from the Probably Actually blog.

I purchased the wool from Downtown Fabric, after the always-animated owner, Daniel, convinced me to use a patterned beige wool. For the lining I chose Riley Blake's Rocket Stars quilting cotton from the workroom. I wanted to keep the jacket gender neutral to maximize reusability for Lily's future siblings...

As with my last Oliver + S pattern, I soon realized that the pattern called for far too much fabric. I had purchased 1.5 yards of wool, and easily could have fit the pattern onto a single yard; but the upside was that I had plenty of fabric to match those pesky stripes.

I sewed the size 3T, added a layer of quilt batting to the lining, and decided to sew the toggle closure rather than button closure.

It was plenty roomy for Lily and will definitely fit her this Autumn. Her sleeves are rolled up twice right now, so there's even a chance she could fit it next year! I struggle to understand why the Seashore Dress is a 4T for her and this 3T jacket is so roomy, but I'm really happy with the final product.

The stars really give the jacket such pizazz. The sewing was rather tough, but probably because I made it that way. Had I chosen a solid wool and not bothered to do a quilted lining, I would have had a much easier time!

Most of the reviews I've read about this pattern end by saying that the end product is well worth the effort. And I couldn't agree more! A confident beginner with a good level of patience will have such a great experience with this pattern!