Oliver + S Seashore Dress

It's great to be on a roll. I sewed a dress. Loved it. And then went ahead and sewed four more before I decided it was getting a little ridiculous.

I've always admired Oliver + S patterns for kids. The selection is fantastic, so I just kept searching and searching until I found the perfect simple playdress for Lily.

The Seashore Dress has a "1 scissor" difficulty rating, and a sweet, modern look.

One thing to note about this pattern: it calls for 2 yards of fabric for the 2T and 3T size. I managed to fit even the 4T pattern onto 1 yard of fabric. That's 50% of what they call for! Believe it. It can be done.

I made the first dress with a beautiful butterfly fabric from Lizzy House's new Cat Nap Collection. For a confident beginner, it is probably a 5 hour project. If you're speedy like me (I have been accused of having Chinese sweatshop genes) you can sew the dress in 3 hours, start to finish.

Which is why I whipped up a second dress in a purple Pearl Bracelet fabric, also from Lizzy House.

The third dress I made using leftover limited edition Liberty Cotton Fleece from the workroom. More details on the fabric in another post, but needless to say, it was high quality fabric and I was excited to be able to squeeze in a Seashore Dress for Lily with the leftover scraps from my Lola Dress.

My fourth and final dress was using an abstract fabric I bought years ago from the workroom during one of their big sales. This dress really is great for using those 1m stash purchases that you never got around to using.

Do you notice all the lime green buttons? I had so many left over from my dollar store purchase when I made the zipper Christmas tree ornament. I have since expanded my red and green button collection after visiting The Button Dept. at the workroom.

Lessons learned:

1) The dress fits quite snug. Lily is by no means a chubby kid and I found the 2T a tight fit. After the first dress, I recut the pattern in a 4T, just to be safe. It is a much better size and will likely only last her until the fall.

2) The dress is quite long. It ended just below Lily's knees, so when I cut the new 4T size, I didn't want it to be any longer. At the waistline marker, I shortened the dress 1.5 inches.

3) The pockets are incredibly subtle. To make them a little more usable, I widened the pocket (pieces 8 and 9) and tried not to do too much gathering at the pocket opening. Lily has now stopped her fits about not being able to find her pockets for her rocks.

I'm a huge fan of this pattern. There seem to be more pieces and steps than your average simple girl's dress, but I think it's well worth it!