Meet Danielle (and her fabulous cape)

My recent Cozy Winter Retreat was simply amazing. Relaxing, productive, serene, inspiring.

Thanks for all the nice words from those following our weekend via Twitter or Facebook. Why did it take me so long to get an iPhone?!

It was a small turnout, perhaps because I dropped off the radar due to classic first-trimester queasiness (baby due in August!) but I think it all worked out perfectly for me. I could not have asked for three more encouraging, talented, and fun attendees!

The four of us were spoiled by the massive space in a cottage on the Nottawasaga River, just outside Orangeville, ON. The fifteen-person capacity meant plenty of living space, bathroom space, and creative explosion space.

Lucky for us. Because our projects required space... Some more than others.

Meet Danielle.

Another Engineer by day, Crafter-Jeweller-Sewer by night. But Danielle has some super human powers that I hope rubbed off on me at the retreat. Alongside her ability to create with quality, so much of her work is designed by herself. A quick glimpse at her blog and your jaw will hit the floor.

She needs a custom mat for her front hallway. Check.

How about a hat, and another hat, and another hat (as part of a dinosaur halloween costume) for her adorable son, Adam? Done, done, and done.

And boy, that nursing chair could really use a facelift. She'll just do it herself!

It takes confidence and talent to try so much on your own, and we were so lucky to witness the process first-hand when Danielle created her most recent masterpiece: the cape.

Danielle was wowed and inspired to replicate this fabulous cape she saw on

She acquired some beautiful wool at a shop on St. Clair West, picked out some gorgeous lining fabric to pair with it, grabbed some accent teal piping (she's all about the details) and then set to work at the retreat making a big mess on the floor.

It's amazing how quickly she worked after her initial 20 minute blank stare, which was obviously her engineering brain calculating angles and performing mental isometric views of the design.

By the end of the retreat, she had completed most of the cape. My favourite part of the design is her oversized collar. No, my favourite part was witnessing this magnificent woman at work.

Congrats, Danielle, on such a beautiful garment!

For a full account of her cape crusade, including pictures of the finished masterpiece, check out the post on her blog!