Reid's Potato Farm and Farm Market

Most Canadians are proud to be Canadian. There are a hundred reasons why, but I think integrity is a big one.

When I first did an online search for some farms or farmer's markets where I could shop for winter retreat food supplies, I learned about Reid's Potato Farm. The farm itself has been a family farm since 1845, but the truly exciting discovery was the self-serve "Farm Market" located right on their property.

I'm not using the term "self-serve" because you shop by yourself; I mean, the market is entirely unmanned. You pick your goods, write it down in the notebook, tally it up with the little purple calculator, and open up the till all by your honest self.

I love that they trust their customers, and I love that no one has ruined it for everyone else. I doubt this honour system would succeed in many other countries.

Although it was the dead of the winter, the market offered a decent variety of produce from neighbouring farms. I picked up a bag of carrots (I admit I was enticed by the handwritten note that read "our carrots are dirty but they taste delicious!"), a bag of Fuji apples, apple cider, a dozen eggs, a jar of elderberry and peach jam, and a frozen strawberry rhubarb pie. All were fantastic. Especially the dirty carrots.

It is also worth noting that I was equally impressed by their website. They really took the time to create a simple, informative, and professional website that is so well written. All too often I find business websites that are too flashy, littered with grammar issues, or non-existent. They have taken the time to not only advertise their farm, but to voice their commitment to environmentally conscious farming.

It's little gems like this farm market that really make rural Ontario so loveable. If you happen to be in the area, stop by anytime. No, seriously: anytime. With a self-serve system, their hours are 24-7!

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