Sweater Slippers

I think I'm beyond using pretty words like "brisk" and "crisp" to describe the kind of winter we're having. As an Ottawa girl at heart, I've always told my Torontonian friends that the secret to surviving the deep chill of winter is to make sure you are well equipped.

Big winter parka.

Long underwear.

And a good pair of wool slippers.

I was at the thrift shop the other day, poppin' some tags, gettin' me some sweata's and decided to turn the $6 wool sweater into a warm pair of slippers.

As with most DIY projects these days, there is an endless supply of tutorials online.

So far, I've tried a modified version of this tutorial from We Can Re-Do It.

I need to try at least one more time. Or maybe attempt another pattern.

Interested in joining me? This will be one of the optional workshops offered at the Winter Warmth Retreat! Just bring a wool sweater and I'll supply everything else!