Money savvy and a chic life

Living in a big city can be financially difficult. Things just cost more. But you don't want to sacrifice life too much just to save a couple bucks. There's a fine balance between saving for your future and enjoying life before it's gone.

The lovely writers at Urban Departures are giving a great account of their journey to Financial Freedom without missing out on life's treasures.

They support travelling, good food, buying what you love, athletic luxuries, and a fave at the Purple Workbench: crafty hobbies. All while keeping their financial goals in check.

Where do they splurge? How do they try to save? It's great fun reading about regular (and chic) modern urbanites as they learn about the financial basics and more.

Their latest post is a Purple Workbench post for a DIY Christmas ornament that doubles as an inexpensive gift. Go check out my step by step tutorial on the Zipper Christmas Tree Ornament!