A really big scarf

My neck is always cold. Girls say that all the time. Maybe not Paula, but even she would sport a really big scarf because she's trendy like that.

This is a big one. And I made it myself. And if you're coming to the Farmhouse Retreat, you should make one with me.

Along with the Racerback Tank Top, my second optional sewing workshop being held at the retreat is an infinity scarf.

There are several tutorials online for sewing these scarves, also called figure 8 scarves or circle scarves, but besides the simplicity, there are so many other reasons for making one at the retreat: perfect for the upcoming chilly Autumn weather, and finding the perfect pair of fabrics.

I love that simple projects mean you can focus on the fabric, and with an infinity scarf, you get to choose two coordinating patterns: matching, contrasting, themed, or completely random. The choice is yours!

I've had a mustard yellow polka dot flannel sitting in my stash for a while now, I think it was going to be potential bedding for Lily's crib, but decided it would be a perfect colour for the summer/fall transition.

I found a nice large graphic print fabric from the workroom in grey and cream to balance the bright mustard yellow.

I made the scarf a little shorter than most because I wanted a closer fit to my neck. I find some scarves are more necklaces than actual scarves and I wanted to use this one to stay warm. Maybe I'll make the next one a tiny bit longer.

While at the workroom, I picked up a few more fabrics that paired with other flannel or jersey that I had at home. I don't know what I'm going to do with so many scarves, and I feel like the style is so uniquely me (whimsy-ridiculous?) that I wouldn't even know who to gift it to! Maybe I'll hold an auction for charity one day.

This is a perfect beginner project, lazy afternoon project, or just one of those really useful "I need a scarf" projects. It can be done in less than an hour, and I always like to finish it off by hand so I can relax on the couch, chat with a fellow crafter, and maybe watch an episode of The Chew on my laptop.

Giant sailboats paired with an ocean blue floral print

Big pink pom poms with a ruby red jersey

Whimsy back-to-school print paired with a navy blue knit