Happy Birthday, Purple Workbench

Welcome to the birthday of the Purple Workbench. 


A fresh new start.


Hopefully fewer spelling mistakes.


I won't be sharing as much about the goings-on in the Dunwell household, but hopefully I'll feel less guilty about it, too. I'm re-prioritizing. 


I'm determined to focus some of my (little) energy on organizing real events where we can cook together, sew together, make-stuff together.


Sound like fun? I hope so. 


As much as I like being the one who does all the talking and sewing and food-ing, I'm hoping it's even more fun to share the love and see what you can do.


Purple Workbench is my creative space. And I'm literally going to share it with you. Except that I don't actually own a purple workbench... It's a metaphor. So I'm literally going to share the metaphorical Purple Workbench with you. 


Imagine: Sunday afternoons learning to bake an apple pie from scratch. Weekend retreats filled with good food and crafty workshops. We'll delight in each other's beautiful accomplishments, and awkwardly look the other way during seam-ripper/burnt-cake frustrations.


My first project? A Farmhouse retreat! I found a great farmhouse venue for my debut event. We'll spend the weekend eating delicious, local, seasonal food, and spend the day working on your creative project of choice. 


Bring your sewing machine, yarn, scrapbook, sketchbook, crayons. Or your laptop filled with digital pictures that have yet to be organized and blurb'ed. 


If you are a sewer (beginner sewers accepted!) you are invited to participate in either of the two workshops that I will be instructing.


Click here for more details on the retreat. I'm planning to reveal more about the event as the month goes on.


If you have any ideas for what event you want to see next, let me know and I'll see what I can do!


Thanks for joining me in my new project. Stick around. This should be fun.