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Kelly Dunwell is a full time Electrical Engineer made even busier by her two energetic daughters and a sweet, neglected dog. With full support from her husband, she lauched Purple Workbench as a creativity motivator. It was a space to document, share, and connect with other creatives in order to hold onto her creative hobbies despite the busy life.

In 2013, Kelly hosted her first weekend retreat under the Purple Workbench brand with the hope of motivating busy creatives to make time for their hobbies.

The weekend combines her love of hosting, creative arts, socializing, and food. For some, it is the chance to slow down and relax with projects of love; for others, it's a weekend packed with motivation to work overtime on neglected hobbies.

Her mission is to provide busy creatives with a relaxing and productive weekend of making.

Purple Workbench started as a blog to capture interesting projects, mostly centred around the sewing machine or kitchen table. But Kelly soon realized that she wanted the world to join her. Sewing with someone is way better than sewing by myself, and the kitchen just begs for company. And so, the all-inclusive weekend retreat filled with good food and creative projects was born.

Since 2013, creatives from Toronto, Ottawa and around Ontario have gathered together for a one of a kind all-inclusive retreats experience. Kelly finds delight in combining her passions of food, craft, and socializing into a weekend with likeminded guests!

Despite juggling family and a full time job, Kelly ambitiously plans retreats three times a year. We hope to meet you at a retreat soon.


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